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I offer a safe space to work with your immediate issues and concerns that are troubling you as well as looking at the deeper reasons behind them.

Psychotherapy enables you to explore your relationships in a supportive environment giving time and attention to your concerns. Taking time out and having a place to explore your thoughts and feelings while being deeply listened to and accepted within an environment of mutual respect and trust enables the healing process to begin.

If you have difficulty in understanding your reactions and responses the key may be to find out how you think and feel so you can recognise patterns and habits and become in tune with your emotional health and inner world.

Our most intimate relationship is with ourselves. Self-compassion is showing up to that relationship with truthfulness and love.
Psychotherapy is a collaborative relationship aimed at helping you understand how you exist in your world. This awareness can help in bringing about change.
Psychotherapy comes from Greek words and can loosely be translated as care of your inner world. By entering into this work you are starting to take care of yourself and to discover who you have become.

Psychotherapy is a deeper exploration of experience which looks at patterns of thinking, feeling and behaviour that may have early origins and is often longer term than counselling. It can help to loosen habitual patterns which have accumulated over time and is a process of discovery and recovery as awareness is brought to inner and outer experience.

Allowing and accepting feelings to be can be transformative – it is the process of acceptance and letting go which brings about growth and change.

Psychotherapy offers greater self awareness, self expression, self acceptance and an enhanced relational life so that you may meet the ups and downs of life in a more resourced fulfilling way that supports well-being.