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Susanna Hoare Psychotherapist

Psychotherapy in Truro


Therapy is a space where you can take time out, to talk things through, be listened to and understood while working with the issues that troubling you or causing distress. It enables you to explore current or past issues at your own pace with support receiving caring and consistent attention to you and your experiences.

If you find yourself feeling stuck or thinking you keep making the same mistakes it could be that some aspect of yourself is hidden from you or unknown to you. You may be finding that although you have tried to make changes by yourself it has not worked. Finding what is hidden from you needs the presence of a warm, accepting reflective therapy relationship to encourage and support you move through what is difficult.

My aim is to help you to develop a deeper understanding of yourself by inviting you to be curious about your responses and reactions through noticing the flow of thoughts and feelings as patterns created in you and the relationship you have with them. As you get to know yourself more deeply clarity, compassion and acceptance emerge as patterns become loosened.

Having an accepting presence of another person enables you to experience you in relationship to yourself and you in relationship to others. As therapy is relational it brings awareness to how you are in the present and assists you to experience yourself in relationship with another, and in so doing bring to conscious awareness conditioned reactions that have become established based on what has been learnt in the past.

Core Process Psychotherapy

Core Process Psychotherapy integrates Mindfulness and Compassion practices with western psychotherapeutic theory. Core Process Psychotherapy is based on a depth understanding of human personality process and human potential.

The Core is understood to be an inherently open and luminous state at the heart of our equanimity.

– The Karuna Institute, 2009

Therapy takes time and commitment and can be challening as repeated patterns and habits need to be worked with gradually in order to loosen and shift. However increased awareness brings insights and new possibilities.

Mindfulness helps to develop an awareness of inner experiences by paying attention to thoughts, feelings and body sensations in the present moment with curiosity, kindness and without judgement. When this happens there is a cultivation of deeper connection to yourself and your body. An established evidence base for Mindfulness has existed for many years.

Susanna Hoare